Virginia Woolf

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Jacob's room

Jacob Flanders, figlio di Betty e fratello di Archer e John, viene seguito attraverso una serie di pannelli durante la sua crescita, finché parte per la guerra.

Dialoghi, psicologia e trama sono praticamente assenti, o troppo aridi; la galleria dei personaggi di contorno è tipicamente vittoriana. Senso del dettaglio.

To The Lighthouse

Da piccolo James Ramsey, ultimogenito, si vede rovinare dal maltempo una gita al faro. Dieci anni dopo, morti la madre, un fratello ed una sorella, riesce a compiere quella gita con il padre ed il fratello superstite. Metà libro descrive la sera in cui sfuma la gita al faro: la durezza del padre e la delicatezza della madre. Un breve intermezzo racconta i dieci anni che intercorrono.

Mrs. Dalloway

Una giornata nella vita di Clarissa, quella in cui ha organizzato un party. Clarissa è una donna dell'alta società, sposata al politico Richard. Diversi eventi, nei quali s'intrecciano le storie dei diversi personaggi, in particolare Peter (primo innamorato) e sua figlia Elisabeth, costellano la preparazione.

To The Lighthouse

by Heike Humpert In " to the lighthouse" Virginia Woolf tells the story of a family and = there guests spending the summer on a small island in England. It deals = with their behavior, how they get along with each other, their small = Visions and memories. In the center of all the action there is = Mrs.Ramsay, a beautiful and intelligent mid-aged woman with eight = children. She is the one who keeps everybody together and analyses = everybody. In the first part of the book V.W. mainly tells about her = feelings towards the other people and her view of life. Mrs. Ramsay is = admired by everybody around her and loved by her husband and children. = Her husband, Mr. Ramsay is a very dominieering man. He is an egoist and = loves to get his way. He is well educated and holds a high position in = society as a scientist and teacher at University. All of these factors = attribute to his dominance over his wife and children. He needs a lot of = attention as well as the sympathy of a woman and wants to be admired by = everybody. Their youngest son, Charles is the secret favorite of his = mother and dislikes his father because of his domineering personality = and taking away his mother=92s attention to him. Among the guests, there = is a certain Charles Tansley, who is a poor student and is ignored by = the Ramsey=92s children because of his odd and impolite behaviour. He = both admires Mrs. And Mr. Ramsay. Then there is Lily Briscoe, a young = woman who tries to paint a painting throughout the whole story, which = only at the end satisfies her own demands. She becomes a friend of Mr. = Bankes, a former friend of Mr. Ramsay, also a scientist, who is already = a widower. Then there is also a young couple, Paul Rayley and Minta = Doyle, who seem to have fallen in love. The last guest is Mr. = Carmichael, who was left by his wife and now takes opium. He is the only = one who doesn=92t seem to admire Mrs. Ramsay. The first section starts = with Charles wish to go the lighthouse which becomes impossible to = fulfill due to bad weather. Virgnia Woolf introduces the different = characters and let=92s them all come together for an evening dinner. At = that dinner, Paul Rayley and Minta Doyle announce their engagement, = which makes Mrs. Ramsay very happy since she was the one who enforced it = and encouraged Paul. Somehow she has a weakness for marrying somebody of = and would also like the idea of Mr. Bankes and L.Briscoe becoming a = couple although he is much older.After dinner she takes the children to = bed and then sits down quietly and reads a book while her husband is = joining her. While they talk she feels that he wants her to tell him = that she loves him. She doesn=92t fulfill his wish which gives her a = feeling of superiority, but looking at him she realizes that he still = knows that she loves him.In the beginning of the next part the reader = gets to know that Mrs. Ramsay died all of a sudden. It follows a = detailed description of the empty house. Ramsay=92s oldest daughter got = married in the meantime but died in succession of her first child=92s = birth. Their oldest son, Andrew dies during the first world war in = France, he was killed by a granate. After the reader gets this = information there is again a description of the empty house and how = after a long time after the last vacation when Mrs. Ramsay was still = alive the rest of the family announces their visit. The house becomes = alive again when the housekeeper starts cleaning it and preparing for = the visitors.The last part deals with the visit of the Ramsay family and = their former guest. There is again Mr. Carmichael and Lily Briscoe who = keeps working on the painting she started long ago.Finally Mr Ramsay = sails to the lighthouse with James, who still hates his father, and his = sister Cam. They all miss Mrs. Ramsay and everything seems to be = different without her. The story ends with Lily Briscoe finishing her = painting.The most remarkable of this book is the detailed description of = the people=92s feelings and the scenes of a marriage which seems to be = based on love but instead is based of power and a feeling of = inferiority. Mr. Ramsay can only love himself. He might have thought = that he loved his wife, but in actuality it was the idea of his wife = loving him that he liked the most.Other than that there is not much = action in the story, but it is still a very interesting book.
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