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Religion: Is the Bible a book of Peace?
Philosophy: Children's stupidity and Adult intelligence
Politics: Brexit is a good thing for everybody
Technology: Piero interviewed about 3D Printing
Politics: Pardon the heroes
Technology: Piero interviewed about Wearables
Politics: Globalization ends here
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Space Industry and Drones
Politics: Another Aviation Mystery
Video of my talk on "Intelligence is not Artificial, Beijing 2016
Politics: Obama in Hiroshima
Politics: Democracy's Apocalypse
Technology: Piero interviewed about Blockchain and Fintech
Philosophy: Social Animal or Curious Animal?
Technology: Piero interviewed about Social Media
Art: Patricia Piccinini
Video: Dada Centennial Celebration 2016 at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Biotech
Event: Dada Centennial Celebration at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Nanotech
Interview: Dan Schneider interviewing piero
Tech: A.I. and the Singularity
Art: A brief History of Videogames
Politics: Enemies of the People
Literature: Best poetry of all times
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Internet of Things
Music: Revisiting the 2000s
Technology: Piero interviewed on Artificial Intelligence
Politics: What Donald Trump represents
Technology: Piero interviewed on Big Data
Poetry: Chamber Suite "The End"
Technology: Piero interviewed on Virtual Reality
Technology: Humanity without Humanity
Politics: The US politicians terrorizing the world
Technology: Why i am not scared of Artificial Intelligence
Travel: Bhutan
New book: The 2015 update to "A History of Silicon Valley"
End of the year lists: The year 2015 in review
Politics: ISIS Got it Right, or The Merging of Civilizations
Politics: ISIS - Not the terrorist group but the screwball comedy
Politics: The end of the USA
Events: Berkeley: Weidong Yang (Kinetech Arts), Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley/ Theater), Paul Payton (Visa Research), Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab) , Stanford: Christine Metzger (California College of the Arts), Sally Benson (Stanford's Global Climate and Energy Project), James Doty (Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education), Danielle Siembieda-Gribben (Visual Artist and Curator)
Philosophy: Essays: There is no Doing and no Undoing, Science is the Discipline of Unhappiness, Wisdom is a Malfunctioning Brain, Does the Future still Exist? , The Quest for Authenticity, Creation and Ownership of Information, Stories will Survive Rituals, The Rule of the Dumb, Beyond Consciousness, The Invisible Technology of the Future, The Opaque Civilization, Cognition is Noise, The Demise of the Unknown, Knowledge is a Spiral of Ignorance, Power after Biopower
Poetry: English translation of "Dialogue of the Lovers" - first excerpts
Book review: Patricia Churchland's "Touching a Nerve - the Self as Brain"
Interview: John Law: 1 - Suicide Club, 2: Cacophony Society, 3: Burning Man
Book review: "The Empathic Civilization" (2009)
Philosophy: The Demise of Empathy
Politics: The Biggest Ecological Disaster of the 21th Century
Art: Marc Giai-Miniet
Book review: "From Counterculture to Cyberculture"
Videos: Stanford: Photos and videos from the 3rd LAST festivals (all talks): Nanotech, Biotech, A.I., Neuroscience, Mars, Burning Man...
Politics: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
Event: Stanford: The third LAST festival
Lecture (China Academy of Art): "The Best Kept Secret in Silicon Valley"
Politics: War and Peace in 21st Century China
Teaching: Sep-Nov: History of Thought at UC Berkeley
Lectures and interviews: Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, etc
Travel: China
Politics: The demise of the dollar has been wildly exaggerated
Book review: "The Future of Mind" (2014)
Art: "The Straight Line and the Labyrinth - Art and Science in the Digital Continuum" (2015)
Book review: "Knowledge and Power" (2013)
Politics: Erdogan's wars
History: A timeline of Russia
Architecture: Sou Fujimoto
Politics: Revised: ISIS is both Islamic and a state
Event: USF: Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Architecture...
Architecture: Dionisio Gonzalez
Politics: The cost of Greek austerity
Book review: "The Next America" (2014)
Book review: "Biology as Ideology"
Politics: The month that changed the USA
Politics: Allah is great
Politics: Hardline on Putin?
Politics: Iran, Pakistan and North Korea: the USA and the nuclear threat
Politics: Countries that sponsor terrorism
Philosophy: A brief History of Western Philosophy and Physics
New book: "Thinking about Thought" 2015 edition

Interview: Interviewed on Silicon Valley by a Chinese magazine
Teaching: Slides and videos of my class on Brain, Mind, Consciousness
Travel: Zimbabwe, Seychelles, etc
Science: Slides of my 2015 class on Consciousness
Cinema: Raul Ruiz
Plagiarist of the year: The Daily Mail has plagiarized my page on genocides (scroll down after the table of dictators)
Science: A Timeline of Biotechnology
Politics: Hoping for a three-state solution
Hiking: Hiking to the Race Track in Death Valley
Politics: Hindu fundamentalism is funny
Politics: Comparing Russia's and Western Europe's Kleptocracies
Cinema: Sergei Parajanov
Art: Kal Spelletich
Book review: Katherine Hayles: "Chaos Bound" (1990) and "How We Became Post-Human" (1999)
Cinema: Ming-liang Tsai
Music: Mark Appelbaum, Mumma, Ligeti, Cage, etc
Cinema: Abbas Kiarostami
Cinema: We mourn Manoel de Oliveira
History: History of Knowledge in slides
Rock: Best albums of 2014 (finally!)
Art: Luigi Serafini
Hiking: Death Valley, etc
Essay: The Genetics and Neuroscience of Torture
Event: Stanford: Roger Malina (Univ of Texas), Chris McKay (NASA), Allison Holt (Visual Artist), Katharine Hawthorne (Choreographer) on "Imagining the Universe"
Album reviews: Abu Lahab, Bill Callahan, Chvrches, James Holden, Dead C, Main, Juana Molina, Pissed Jeans, Polvo, Alasdair Roberts, Kurt Vile, etc
Teaching: Theories of Brain, Mind & Consciousness
Event: USF: Indrani Baruah (Architect and Visual Artist), Stephen Bailey (Lawrence Berkeley Labs), Weidong Yang (Kine-tech), Christine Metzger (California college of the Arts)
Travel: Micronesia
Politics: We are Charlie Hebdo, or The Globalization of Blasphemy
Politics: Invite president Hassan Rouhani
Presentation: "Cosmology, Neuroscience, Rock Music"
Politics: Iran vs Saudi Arabia
Event: San Jose: Finally found the time to reorganize the material about the two LAST festivals
Essay: The Algorithmic Society and the Birth of Religion
Videos: Recent art/science talks: Multimedia artist Meredith Tromble on " Dream Vortex" (Virtual-reality art), Choreographer Sasha Petrenko on "A World without Nature", Stanford scientist Charlotte Jacobs on "Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio", Poet and cognitive scientist Pireeni Sundaralingam on "Poetry & Memory", Kinetic and sound artist Laetitia Sonami on "Your presence is Required", Projection artist Amy Ho at a USF LASER, Berkeley computer scientist Carlo Sequin on "Hyperbolic Hexagon to Evolving Trefoil"
Politics: World War IV
Album reviews: Danny Brown, Caribou, Alvin Curran, Richard Dawson, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Demdike Stare, Disclosure, Julia Holter, Los Random, Murmur, Pyrrhon, Qa'a, Run the Jewels, Andy Stott, Sun Kil Moon, Swans, Vampire Weekend, War On Drugs, etc
Currents: The year 2014 in review
Art: Storm Thorgerson, Kay Sage
Politics: ISIS is right: give the Sunnis a state
Politics: The Sony hack and the case against North Korea
Presentation: "Five reasons why the Singularity is not coming any time soon"
Art: Tetsuya Ishida
Cinema: A Chronology of Science Fiction Cinema
Cinema stills: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Art: New edition of "A Visual History of the Visual Arts 1860-45"
Hiking: Best of 2014 hikes
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
History: A summary of Hindu scriptures
Politics: Of heroes and thugs: African-Americans and cops
History: A timeline of the ancient Hebrews
Art: Hannah Hoch
Politics: The looming world crisis
Politics: What Netanyahu and Putin have in common, part II
Art: Scott Hess
Book review: Nunez's "Brain, Mind, and the Structure of Reality"
Videos of art/science evenings: Birgitta Whaley (Quantum Computation), Danielle Tullman-Ercek (Synthetic Biology), Amy Ho (Projection Artist) , Lia Cook (Visual Artist), Alan Rath (Digital Sculptor), Drue Kataoka (Visual artist) , Loren Frank (Neuroscience), etc
Philosophy: My essays organized by topic
Politics: Democracy in 2014
Politics: Why oil is getting cheaper
Event: Neuro, Space, Ebola, A.I., Nano
Teaching: Slides of my Berkeley class
Book review: Nick Bostrom's "Superintelligence"
Politics: ISIS thanks Turkey and Israel
Hiking: Hikes of 2014 so far
Politics: China and the democracy virus
Essay: The Cacophony of Life
Art: Tomiyuki Sakuta
History: A brief history of oil
Art: Jim Denevan
Travel: Beijing
Art: Antony Gormley
Lectures: Lecturing in China
Presentation: My Chinese lectures on Silicon Valley
Art: Mati Klarwein
Politics: Domestic and foreign challenges for China
Politics: Resist the blackmail
Lots of essays: Caring for the Future , Death is not a Binary Value , You are a File , The Decline of the Visual Sense , The Artist as a Revolutionary and a Propagandist , The Deregulation of Sexuality , Nature is a Vast Cemetery , The Death of the Hero , You are an Abstraction , The Internet is an Excuse not to Admit that We are What we are , Children and the Elderly in the Secular Society , Abortion and Euthanasia , Society and Technology , The Cognitive Value of Videogames , Five Steps towards Physical and Existential Survival , Art since World War II , The Competition between News and Adverts
Politics: What Netanyahu and Putin have in common
Essay: Crime and State
Politics: A Lesson from Serbia for Ukraine
Essay: How Contemporary Morality is Created
Travel: Iceland
Politics: The unspoken truth about the eurocrisis
Essay: Matter is as Inscrutable as Mind
Presentation: "The Best Kept Secret of Silicon Valley" for the Alpbach Technology Forum
Book review: Steven Pinker's "The Better Angels of our Nature" (2011)
Interview: Bill Pentz
Events: Berkeley: Philip Marcus, Marion O'Leary, Andrea Lingenfelter, Danielle Siembieda , Stanford: Lynn Rothschild, Stuart Kendall, Jonathon Keats, Indrani Baruah
Lecture: Speaking at the Alpbach Technology Forun on August 23rd
Cinema: Best films of the 2000s
Cinema stills: Sion Sono, Tsui Hark, Kenji Mizoguchi, Paolo Sorrentino
Politics: Shooting down civilian planes
Essay: Tradition and Innovation
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
Book: A History of Silicon Valley - Almost a Third Edition
Politics: The art of inventing inexistent wars
Essay: Elitist Art, Unpopular Art and Popular Art
Book review: Ramachandran's "The Tell-Tale Brain"
Politics: How to discredit a revolution (Iraq)
Essay: The Universal Law of Happenstance
Politics: So you want to be a superpower? (China)
Event: Photos and videos of the first LAST Festival
Book review: Gilbert Ryle's "The Concept of Mind" (1949)
Politics: The West and Russia
Art: Chinese artists of the 2000s
Music: Angry at serial plagiarists
Events: Berkeley: Annapurna Pandey, Tania Lombrozo, Rachel Haurwitz, David Stork, Stanford: Stacey Bent, Soraya Murray, Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Kiri Rong
Art: A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 3
Travel: Madagascar
Politics: The Ukrainian crisis is three crises in one
Event: San Jose: The first LAST festival
History: A timeline of the automobile
Politics: Of museums and philanthropists
Science: Revised version of Nature of Consciousness
Music: 50,40,30,20,10 Years Ago in Music
Essay: Literacy and Superstition in the Age of the Internet
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
Essay: The Origin of the Copyright
Presentation: "Body: An Introduction" (California College of the Arts)
Poetry/Meditation: Half Moon Epigrams
Art video: "The Dancers at the Top"
Essay: The Fear of Loneliness
Presentation: Lecture on Silicon Valley and Creativity (UC Davis 2014)
Essay: The Shallow Culture of Busy Lives
LASER videos: Stanford physicist Patricia Burchat on "Dark Matter", Art curator Sharon Spain on art built from garbage, Kinetic artist Kal Spelletich, Ambient composer Robert Rich, Visual artist Shan Shan Sheng, Renetta Sitoy on Laetitia Sonami, Cognitive neuroscientist Lucia Jacobs on the evolution of the brain, Chaos scientist Jim Crutchfield
Cognitive Science: All the slides of my class "Thinking about Thought"
Politics: Job well done, Putin
Cognitive Science: Slides of my class "Thinking about Thought" (free download)
Essay: A Brief History of Loneliness
Music: Recommended classical recordings
Previous projects: click here

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