The Apres-garde: A History of Avantgarde Music

[Concrete, Dadaism, Post-chamber, Electronic, Minimalism, World-music, Ambient, New-age, Post-jazz]

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Table Of Contents

Preface - Art Music

A summary of the 20th century

The birth of the soundscape aesthetics

The Avantgarde


Event Music

Christian Revival


Droning minimalism

Electronic Music

Computer Music

Event Music in the electronic age

The second generation of Minimalists

The voice

Collage and field recordings in the electronic age

Electronics and popular music

New Age Music

Computer music in the age of the laptop

Collage music in the age of the sampler

Post-jazz music

Post-chamber music

Ambient avantgarde 1995-2001

The Concrete Avantgarde

Glitch Music and Digital Minimalism

Digital Avantgarde

Home-built Instruments (IN PROGRESS)

In Preparation

Appendix: Chronology of Events

Appendix: Selected works

Appendix: Selected videos

Database of Contemporary Composers

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TM, ®, Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi. All rights reserved.