Rod Poole
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English guitarist Rod Poole (1962) debuted as a free improviser in the Oxford Improvisors' Cooperative in 1983. Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 1989, Poole converted to La Monte Young's and Tony Conrad's experiments with just intonation. His tours de force are the solo tabletop guitar improvisation in just intonation of The Death Adder (WIN, 1996) and the solo acoustic guitar improvisation in just intonation of December 96 (WIN, 1998). Poole successfully updated LaMonte Young's vocabulary by introducing a dynamic dimension to the study on timbre and texture.

Iasis (Transparency, 1999) is a trio work in which Poole improvises against Douglas Williford and Joseph Hammer "bowing" their guitars like a Tony Conrad-ian violin.

Mind's Island (Justguitar Records, 2006) was a collaboration with vocalist Sasha Bodganowitsch on wordless singing that retained all the mellow qualities of his just-intonation music.

Rod Poole was assassinated in may 2007 following a trivial argument with a motorist.

Lisa Ladaw writes:

Rod's first LP was released in a limited edition. It was sent to The Wire for review and to Forced Exposure for limited sales. Only 43 copies are in existence. After many attempts, Rod was unable to get the quality of sound and these copies were the only ones that even came close to what he wanted. He hand-stamped each cover and designed everything himself.
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