Garin Nugroho

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Garin Nugroho (Indonesia, 1961)

Gerbong Satu, Dua/ Wagon 1, 2 (1984)

Tepuk Tangan (1989)

Cinta Dalam Sepotong Roti/ Love in a Slice of Bread (1991)

Air dan Romi/ Water and Romi (1991)

Surat untuk Bidadari/ Letter to an Angel (1994)

Dongeng Kancil untuk Kemerdekaan/ Kancil's Tale of Freedom (1995)

Bulan Tertusuk Ilalang/ ...and the Moon Dances (1995)

Daun di Atas Bantal/ Leaf on a Pillow (1998)

Puisi Tak Terkuburkan/ A Poet (2000)

Layar Hidup/ Waterfront (2001)

Aku Ingin Menciummu Sekali Saja/ Bird Man Tale (2002)

Rindu Kami Padamu/ Of Love and Eggs (2004)

Serambi (2006)

Opera Jawa (2006) is a gamelan opera based on a Hindu legend, mostly notable for the (brief) visual tableaux, each one dense with symbolism.

A young couple is getting married. A fat singer sings the story of Rama and Rahwana who fought for the love of Sita. The bride, alone in her room, is terrified, chased by men hiding under a sheet in the shape of a dragon. She lifts the wicker hat of the dragon and uses it to cover some food on the table. A young man and an old man walk into a temple where the faithful are praying. We see simple village life all around the temple. The groom sings to the bride that they are like Rama and Sinta. They kiss fondly. The town's butcher, Ludiro, sings that he is the ruler of the world while holding the decapitated head of an ox in his hand and dancing in a room full of head replicas held in plates. He and his gang terrorize the village with their vandalic acts and sinister ceremonies. While she is in the garden she gets surrounded by men hidden under wear giant hates. She sings that she is confused. The young man leaves for a business trip and entrusts his wife to a loyal servant. In another house the parents of the young wife Siti sing that she used to perform as Sita but she no longer does it out of respect for her husband. However, an old gamalena player who has trouble finding work begs her to accept old master Ludiro's request that she dances again. They make earthenware but the market has collapsed. She is succumbing to Ludiro's seduction: when he enters their room hiding into one of those hat-shaped chests, she hides him under her skirt She begs the Lord to give her strength to resist the temptation. Unrest is spreading in the region as the poor resent their exploitation. Ludiro dances in a smoky bar (on the counter) while the fat singer intones a blues lament. The husband is so poor now that he has to sell the ox to the butcher. Ludiro sings to his mother that he only desires one woman. While Ludiro is seducing his wife, the husband makes an earthenware statue of her The rebellious peasants set fire to the houses of the rich. Rejected, Ludiro sings to his mother that he wants to go back inside her womb and mimes the floating movements of a foetus. The husband joins the protests while Ludiro organizes the troops. Ludiro gets killed by the husband. The wife Siti leaves and travels to a beach where the husband finds her and kills her. The husband, desperate, then cuts her heart out. The radio announces that he has been arrested for the double murder. The last scene is his funeral at the beach.

Di Bawah Pohon/ Under the Tree (2008)

Generasi Biru/ The Blue Generation (2009)

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