Ivan Passer

6.8 Intimate Lighting (1965)

Ivan Passer (Czechoslovakia, 1933), Milos Forman's assistant and screenwriter, debuted with the 20-minute short Fadni Odpoledne/ A Boring Afternoon (1964), adapted from Bohumil Hrabal, and then opted for a chamber drama with little plot but a lot of psychological analysis, Intimni Osvetleni/ Intimate Lighting (1965). He emigrated to the USA in 1969 with Milos Forman and directed diligent but hardly groundbreaking movies such as: Born to Win (1971), a film noir set among junkies, Law and Disorder (1974) , Crime and Passion (1976) , Silver Bears (1978), Cutter's Way (1981), Creator (1985), adapted from Jeremy Leven's 1980 novel, Cutter's Way (1981), Haunted Summer (1988), and Stalin (1992) for television.

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