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The original preface of April 1998

This document provides a guided bibliography to literature published (mainly, but not exclusively, over the last two decades) on the sub- ject of the mind. The exponentially growing interest on the mind, consciousness and life is altering the course of many disciplines and opening new fascinating horizons for science. Subjects created by this trend include Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Neural Net- works, Cognitive Science and Complex Systems. Physics itself is being rewritten, in the quest for a grand theory of nature that will unify the physical and the psycological sciences.

Books reviewed in this bibliography therefore span Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, Computer Science, Neurophysiology, Mathematics and even Cosmology.

This document contains an alphabetical list of books with a short review of their contents. The reader can use it to decide which books to buy for futher information, or just "cut and paste" the information for her or his personal research.

In a sense, this document provides the researcher, or the merely curi- ous, with the "tools" to work out her or his own theory of the mind. At the same it provides everybody with an updated survey of one of the most exciting fields of today's science.

Proceedings of conferences have been generally omitted, but collection of historical articles are included. Books that have been made obsolete by new editions or by new books by the same author are gen- erally omitted.

The decision of which books had to be included was largely subjective. Recent books have been given a higher priority, both because of their availability and because they are likely to include information about older texts.

In reviewing a book I have often quoted liberally from the author. Each review is meant to deliver the main original points of the book. It is not meant to be an exaustive review of the entire content.

The author will gladly receive information about books that should have been included and were not. A future edition will hopefully do justice to the ones who were forgotten this time.

Nobody has time anymore to read all the interesting books that are written in the world. This is a humble effort to make it possible to be at least aware of their existence.

Piero Scaruffi (Email), author of this book

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