Intelligence is not Artificial

by piero scaruffi

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(These are excerpts from my book "Intelligence is not Artificial")

Intermezzo: A.I. and the History of Homo Sapiens

It is said that Homo Sapiens is the only species that records its actions (and even writes lengthy histories of itself) so that it can learn from the past. However, that is not completely correct: writing was only invented a few thousand years ago, which means that Homo Sapiens (a 200,000-year-old species) spent 99.9% of its history without writing. Furthermore, computers were invented only a few decades ago, which means that Homo Sapiens spent 99.9999% of its history without a tool to analyze the patterns of its own actions.
Fast forward to today. Today, thanks to all the invisible bots that constantly monitor and influence its actions, Homo Sapiens has become the only species on the planet whose behavior is rigidly determined by its past behavior: we watch movies recommended by bots that study which movies we liked in the past, we read the news that align with our political preferences, we buy more of what we bought yesterday, etc.

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