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2814: Atarashi Hi no Tanjo/ Birth of a New Day (2015), 6.5/10
Path to Lost Eden (2015), 7/10 (the Telepath side)

Telepath was the vaporwave project of Ohio's producer Luke Laurila, who had released Scintillation (2011) when he was only 16. Between 2013 and 2015 Laurila released a huge amount of music under a Japanese moniker loosely translated as Telepath. He also released Japanese-title music as Trinity Infinity in 2015 and as especially as Virtual Dream Plaza in 2015-16.

His best album was probably a collaboration with London's Hong Kong Express or HKE (David Russo, the founder of vaporwave's top music label, Dream Catalogue): Atarashi Hi no Tanjo/ Birth of a New Day (2015), released under the moniker 2814. The distorted ambient house of Recovery is misleading. The album is better introduced by the oneiric placid drones of Distant Lovers, and by Drifting, aquatic psychedelia of reverbed piano notes intersected by a buzz that sounds like a shamanic voice but morphs into a cosmic radiation. These appetizers lead to the floating electronic nebulae of Telepathy (10:08). This kind of suspenseful wallpaper can easily tumble into conventional melodic Latin-jazz, as it does in Sorrow (9:23), and in trivial minimalist mini-concertos, such as True Love (7:12), but the gothic glacial organ dance Shinjuku Golden Street (8:51) is enough to redeem the album and to lift it one notch above the rest of vaporwave. Less impressive is the aesthetic manifesto of the album, the impressionistic pastoral fresco of The Birth of a New Day (13:04) for strings, sounds of nature and a fast thin beat, that simply repeats the same leitmotiv for 13 minutes.

Path to Lost Eden (Dream Catalogue, 2015) contains 14 tracks by Nmesh and six by Telepath. These six rank again among Telepath's best. The floating drones and humble percussion of Ripples of time recall the electronic poems of Robert Rich and Steve Roach. Besides the silly catchy dance of Glowing Eyes, the impressionistic vignettes of Tokyo Night, and the eleven-minute neoclassical sonata Suffering Together, this side is dominated by Telepath's most ambitious composition, the 22-minute Surface Tension waves and waves of sweet melodic strings and keyboards.

Russo's career was summarized on the 28-song Aesthetic (2018).

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