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2018 album reviews
Scroll down and you will find the list of all 2018 album reviews published so far. New reviews are marked with .
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Abu Lahab Tungasht (Abu Lahab) industrial metal 6/10
Arctic Monkeys Tranquillity Base Hotel + Casino (Domino) pop 4/10
Neko Case Hell-On (Anti) songwriter 6/10
Cursive Vitriola (15 Passenger) emo 5/10
Death Grips Year of The Snitch (Third World) hip-hop 6/10
Father John Misty God's Favorite Customer (Subpop) songwriter 5/10
Gas Rausch (Kompakt) techno 6/10
Godspeed You Black Emperor Luciferian Towers (Constellation) post-rock 5/10
How to Dress Well The Anteroom (Domino) pop-soul 6/10
Jute Gyte Penetralia (Jeshimoth) ambient 5/10
Mount Eerie Now Only (Elverum) songwriter 5/10
Necks Body (ReR Megacorp) ambient jazz 5/10
Oneohtrix Point Never Age Of (Warp) electronica 6/10
Uniform The Long Walk (Sacred Bones) post-metal 5/10
Vagabon Infinite Worlds (Father Daughter) songwriter 6/10
Kanye West Ye (Good) rap 4/10

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