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Political Analyses of 2021

December 2021:
The Anti-nuclear Movement is Putin's Secret Weapon against Europe
World War IV is not over

November 2021:
USA: A Portrait of Donald Trump
USA: Both Republicans and Democrats don't Understand that Trump is a Loser
USA: Who covered up the origins of covid, China or Trump?
Ten (Politically Incorrect) Things you can do about your Carbon Footprint

October 2021:
China and the world according to China's intellectuals.
USA: Craigslist Killed the Local Newspaper
Taiwan could be the Pearl Harbor of WWIII

September 2021:
A History to Blockchain Technology
A timeline of Blockchain Technology
An introduction to Web 3.0
Will the human race succumb to overpopulation?

August 2021:
Was is Worth it? The Bush/Rice Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 20 Years Later
Common Prosperity and Digital Billionaires: Why China is Cracking down on Big Tech
Nations in Crisis: Somalia
Nations in Crisis: Ethiopia
Nations in Crisis: Brazil
Nations in Crisis: Mozambique
Covid: vaccines don't work (the way we expected) and the way forward

July 2021:
Joe Biden = Donald Trump part II
Nations in Crisis: Afghanistan
Nations in Crisis: Libya
Nations in Crisis: Lebanon
Nations in Crisis: Venezuela
Nations in Crisis: Yemen
Nations in Crisis: Nigeria
Nations in Crisis: Turkey
Nations in Crisis: Russia
Nations in Crisis: Pakistan

June 2021:
Revised: Did covid-19 come out of a lab?

May 2021:
April 2021:
USA: The USA is still playing with fire: Change the US constitution

March 2021:
Facts about China that may surprise you

February 2021:
January 2021:
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