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graduated in Mathematics (summa cum laude) in 1982 from University of Turin, where he did work in General Theory of Relativity. For a number of years he was the founding director of the Artificial Intelligence Center at Olivetti, based in Cupertino, California, and later joined IntelliCorp, one of the earliest companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence. He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University and Stanford University conducting research on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, has lectured in three continents on "The Nature of Mind" and "History of Knowledge" (most recently at U.C. Berkeley), and has published a number of books as well as hundreds of articles for magazines both in Italy and the U.S. "Thinking About Thought" (2015 edition), in four volumes, is his most recent book on Cognitive Science. "Intelligence is not Artificial" (2013) is a book on Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity and the post-human condition. The readers for one of his U.C. Berkeley courses were compiled in the eBook "A Brief History of Knowledge" (2011).
As a software consultant, he pioneered Internet applications, Artificial Intelligence and Object-Orientated design in Silicon Valley. He also co-wrote a massive "History of Silicon Valley" (2012), that was later translated in Chinese (2014) and voted seventh most influential book of the year.
All along he has also continued writing poetry both in Italian (for which he has been awarded several prizes) and in English (the latest poetry award was from Fog City Writers in 2007). "Synthesis" (2009) collects poems and meditations.
He pioneered Internet-based journalism. In 1985 he created his first e-zine, distributed by e-mail over the Internet. Between 1986 and 1990 he created an online database, downloadable via ftp. That database mutated into his own website in 1995, one of the first websites inthe world to be named after the person writing it: www.scaruffi.com.
He is probably more famous on the Web as a critic and historian of rock, jazz and avantgarde music. His main books on music are: "A History of Rock and Dance Music" (2009), "A History of Jazz Music 1900-2000" (2007), "A History of Popular Music before Rock Music" (2007), and a guide to avantgarde music (out of print and being revised on the website). He also writes regularly about cinema, literature, science and history.
He has organized several interdisciplinary cultural events in the Bay Area. He founded the Leonardo Art Science Evenings (LASERs) in january 2008 under the aegis of Leonardo ISAST. By 2015 LASERs were being held at University of San Francisco, Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley (all three chaired by him in person), UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, in New York, in Washington DC at the National Academy of Science, in London at the Univ of Westminster, as well as in Texas, Kansas, Seattle, etc. Stanford hosted an interdisciplinary panel with scientists, thinkers, innovators and artists that became the SMMMASH (Stanford Multimedia Multidisciplinary Meetings of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities) in 2012. Also in 2012 Piero was invited to give the inaugural talk at San Jose State University's New Media Visionaries Speaker Sieries http://www.newmediavisionaries.org/_html/speak01.html In 2014 he founded the LAST (Life Art Science Tech) festival.
An avid traveler who spends months on the road, piero had visited more than 160 countries of the world as of 2015. Pictures of his travels have been published by magazines and used by the BBC in its series "Waking the Dead".
In 2012 he published three ebooks on the Visual Arts: "A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 1: From Impressionism to Surrealism" and "A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 2: From Abstract Art to Conceptual Art"; which were followed by "A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 3: The Age of Globalization (2013).
He has been on the board of several nonprofit organizations and cultural magazines, notably "Leonardo ISAST" (MIT Press).

On 15 Oct 2006 the New York Times ran an interview with piero titled "The Greatest Website of all Times".

After TV's interview with piero

Wikipedia has conducted a vicious campaign against him, trying to discredit all of his activities. He has fought (and so far lost) a legal battle to have his bio removed from Wikipedia (see Wikipedia as a Force of Evil).

piero is or has been a member of several humanitarian organizations, including Amnesty International, Oxfam and Care.

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