The Best Rock Albums of 1982

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Dream Syndicate: Days Of Wine And Roses (JackRuby)
  2. Fear: The Record (Slash)
  3. Misfits: Walk Among Us (Ruby)
  4. Mission Of Burma: VS (AceOfHeart)
  5. Flipper: Generic Album (Subterranean)
  6. Legal Weapon: Death Of Innocence (Arsenal)
  7. Richard Thompson: Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal)
  8. Diamanda Galas: The Litanies Of Satan (YRecords)
  9. Waitresses: Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful (WB)
  10. Gun Club: Miami (Animal)
  11. Annette Peacock: Sky-skating (Ironic)
  12. Mickey Hart: Yamantaka (Rolling Thunder)
  13. Constance Demby: Sacred Space Music (Sound Currents)
  14. Art Zoyd: Phase IV (Belle Antique)
  15. Muffins: 185 (RandomRadar)
  16. Styrenes: Girl Crazy (Mustard)
  17. Minutemen: What Makes A Man Start Fires (SST)
  18. Rip Rig Panic: I Am Cold (Virgin)
  19. Virgin Prunes: If I Die I Die (RoughTrade)
  20. Tuxedomoon: Suite En Sous-sol (Expanded)
  21. Tom Verlaine: Words From The Front (WB)
  22. Factrix: California Babylon (Subterranean)
  23. Savage Republic: Tragic Figures (Independent Project)
  24. Bola Sete: Shambhala Moon (Dancing Cat)
  25. Cure: Pornography (Fiction)
  26. Robert Wyatt: Animals Film (RoughTrade)
  27. Captain Beefheart: Ice Cream For Crow (Virgin)
  28. Zero Boys: Vicious Circle (Nimrod)
  29. Kate Bush: The Dreaming (EMI)
  30. James Chance: Sax Maniac (Animal)
  31. Wall Of Voodoo: Call Of The West (IRS)
  32. Lydia Lunch: 13.13 (Ruby)
  33. Adrian Belew: Lone Rhino (Island)
  34. Birthday Party: Junkyard (4AD)
  35. Asia: Asia (Giffen)
  36. Prince: 1999 (WB)
  37. G.B.H.: City Baby Attacked By Rats (Clay)
  38. Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters (AlternativeTentacles)
  39. Fall: Hex Enduction Hour (Kamera)
  40. XTC: English Settlement (Virgin)
  41. Nurse With Wound: Homotopy To Marie (UD)
  42. John Cale: Music For A New Society (Ze)
  43. Die Form: Die Puppe (Bain Total)
  44. Lou Reed: Blue Mask (RCA)
  45. Malaria: Emotion (Crepuscule)
  46. Hanoi Rocks: Oriental Beat
  47. Nanci Griffith: Poet In My Window (Philo)
  48. Work: Slow Crimes (Woof)
  49. X: Under The Big Black Sun (Elektra)
  50. Manowar: Battle Hymns (Liberty)
  51. Stick Men: This Is The Master Brew (1982)
  52. Toto: Toto IV (Columbia)
  53. Descendents: Milo Goes To College (New Alliance)
  54. Bongos: Drums Along the Hudson (PVC)
  55. Voice Farm: World We Live In (Optional)
  56. Toiling Midgets: Sea Of Unrest (Instant)
  57. Marshall Crenshaw: Marshall Crenshaw (WB)
  58. Michael Jackson: Thriller (Epic)
  59. Zoogz Rift: Amputees In Limbo (Snout)
  60. Biota: Biota
  61. Brian Eno: On Land (EG)
  62. Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)
  63. Mark Tucker: In The Sack
  64. Stephan Micus: Wings Over Water
  65. Van Morrison: Beautiful Vision (Mercury)
  66. Pauline Oliveros: Accordion And Voice
  67. Venom: Black Metal (Castle)
  68. Fred Frith: Voice Of America (Rift)
  69. Christian Death: Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier)
  70. Front 242: Geography (RRE)
  71. Massacre: Killing Time (Celluloid)
  72. Etron Fou Leloublan: Poumons Gonfles (TurboMusic)
  73. Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska (CBS)
  74. Bob Seger: Nite Tonite (Capitol)
  75. John Cougar Mellencamp: American Fool (Riva)
  76. Conrad Schnitzler: Control (Dys)
  77. Chris And Cosey: Trance (Rough Trade)
  78. Clash: Combat Rock (CBS)
  79. National Health: D.S. Al Coda (Lounging)
  80. Donald Fagen: Nightfly (Warner)
  81. DB's: Repercussion (Albion)
  82. Stickmen: This Is The Master Brew (1982)
  83. Y Pants (Neutral)
  84. NoMeansNo: Mama (Wrong)
  85. Christian Death: Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier)
  86. Bad Religion: Into The Unknown (Epitaph)
  87. Legal Weapon: Your Weapon (Arsenal)
  88. Phil Manzanera: Primitive Guitars (Island)
  89. Lords Of New Church: self-titled (IRS)
  90. Soft Verdict: Vergessen (DisqueDuCrepuscule)
  91. SPK: Leichenschrei (Thermidor)
  92. Cocteau Twins: Garlands (4AD)
  93. Legendary Pink Dots: Brighter Now (In Phaze)
  94. Psychic TV: Force The Hand Of Chance (SomeBizarre)
  95. Simple Minds: New Gold Dream (Virgin)
  96. Angry Samoans: Back From Samoa (Bad Trip)
  97. Thomas Dolby: Golden Age Of Wireless (Capitol)
  98. Judy Nylon: Pal Judy (OnUSound)
  99. Church: The Blurred Crusade (Parlophone)
  100. Front 242: Geography (RRE)
  101. Hunters And Collectors: self-titled (White Label)
  102. Scritti Politti: Songs To Remember (Rough Trade)
  103. Work: Slow Crimes (Woof)
  104. Steve Piccolo: Domestic Exiles (MASO)
  105. Pigbag: Dr Heckle & Mr. Jive (YRec)
  106. Black Sheep: Animal Sounds (MCCB)
  107. Morells: Shake And Push (Borrowed)
  108. Tommy Keene: Strange Alliance (Avenue)
  109. New Math: They Walk Among Us (415)
  110. Rank And File: Sundown (Slash)
  111. New Race: First And Last (Statik)
  112. Kraut: An Adjustment To Society (Cabbage)
  113. Joan Jett: I Love Rock And Roll (Boardwalk)
  114. George Clinton: Computer Games (Capitol)
  115. Trio: self-titled (Mobile Suit)
  116. Liliput: Liliput (Rough Trade)
  117. Blue Orchids: Greatest Hits (RoughTrade)
  118. Lora Logic: Pedigree Charm (RoughTRade)
  119. Rank And File: Sundown(Slash)
  120. Chris And Cosey: Heartbeat (RoughTrade)
  121. Love Tractor: self-titled (DB)
  122. Box: Secrets Out (GoDisc)
  123. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Too-Rye-Ay (Mercury)
  124. Certain General: Holiday Of Love (Labor)
  125. Neats: Monkey's Head (Ace Of Hearts)
  126. Eek-A-Mouse: Wa-Do-Dem (Greensleeves)
  127. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold (Vertigo)
  128. TV Personalities: They Could Have Been Bigger (Whaam)
  129. Robert Plant: Pictures At 11 (Swansong)
  130. This Time: What Time Is It? (WB)
  131. Del Byzanteen: Lies To Live By (DontFallOff)
  132. Red Cross: Born Innocent (Smoke 7)
  133. MDC: Millions Of Dead Cops (R Radical)
  134. Real Kids: Outta Place (Star)
  135. Trouble Funk: Drop The Bomb (Sugar Hill)
  136. Weekend: Variete` (Rough Trade)
  137. Culture Club: Kissing To Be Clever (Virgin)
  138. EU: Future Funk (Galaxy)
  139. Yellowman: Mister Yellowman (Greensleeves)
  1. Lydia Lunch: Agony Is The Ecstasy (4AD), 8/10
  2. Sonic Youth: Sonic Youth (Neutral), 7/10
  3. R.E.M.: Chronic Town (IRS), 7/10
  4. Mercyful Fate: Mercyful Fate (Rave-On), 7/10

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Mark Stewart: Jerusalem
  3. Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go
  4. Romeo Void: Never Say Never
  5. Virgin Prunes: Caucasian Walk
  6. XTC: Fly on the Wall
  7. Melissa Manchester: You Should Hear How She Talks About You
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Lydia Lunch: The Agony Is the Ecstacy
  3. Sonic Youth: The Good and the Bad
  4. Dream Syndicate: The Days of Wine and Roses
  5. Rip Rig + Panic: Storm the Reality Asylum
  6. Flipper: Sex Bomb

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